Phoebe and I both spend a good deal of our free time crafting The Shimmer. Whether it’s the subtle things you might notice in the background that paint a picture that is yet to be revealed, or the act of writing itself, we have dedicated ourselves to telling a story that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. We’ve even sunk a good deal of our own money into crafting a website where The Shimmer (and possible other stories) could be enjoyed ad-free while also offering readers a unique web experience with gamification and community forums.

We intend to offer our stories to readers for the low, low price of nothing. Not because we don’t think our work is valuable, but rather because we don’t think people should have to pay money to become engaged in a good story, and if nothing else, we intend to make good stories.

But in order to be successful at that, we’ll likely need a little community support from time to time, so we’ve compiled a list of ways that you, the reader, could give back to us and help us make The Shimmer an even more engaging experience.


We’ve created a user interface which allows you to collect experience points and gold coins to increase your level and purchase items, pets and access hidden lore. Merely building your profile, interacting with other readers on the forums and reporting typos on posted chapters by leaving comments will increase your standing on the site.

Social Media & Web

The simple act of sharing the site and saying a few words about it on Facebook or Twitter is probably one of the most powerful ways to reach new readers. Sharing it to friends you think might be interested or even posting about it on forums and voting for us on leaderboard sites draws in new readers.


It seems everyone and their dog has a Patreon these days. And we’re no different! Donations are immensely helpful in covering things like hosting costs, artwork commissions and more. We’ve got a number of short and long-term goals with The Shimmer which the addition of an income would make vastly more easy to complete.

What’s more, 100% of donations will be put toward creating a more immersive experience for readers including (but not limited to) site improvements, new features (including items, pets & lore books for your user inventory), other forms of media (animation, comics, audio drama, games & more), development of merchandise and other goodies (stickers, resin figures, jewelry & clothing inspired by the story) and character artwork.

We have a roadmap for where we’d like to take The Shimmer, but we’re keeping it mostly under wraps. We don’t want to ruin the surprise after all. See our Roadmap page for more details.

If you enjoy The Shimmer, and want to help us make it even more enjoyable, consider donating using one of the following options.