Annacis Island:

The Annacis Island Industrial Park is a small island heavily populated with industrial warehouses and other businesses within the Fraser River, just southeast of the City of Vancouver, Canada. It is the beachhead of the invasion of Embrayyan forces on Earth and the location of the Shimmer.

Annika Oringard:

The elder sister of Sizilen and Augur for the King. She is the person who first opened the void to Earth, thus beginning the Righteous Annexation of Outworld.

Auberon Dex:

Auberon is a member of Raptor Company, one of the Empyrean Riders of the Kingdom of Embrayya. He is stranded on Earth after the initial invasion of Annacis Island fails.


An Augur is a person who has a deep connection with the Elder Law that devotes their lives to further the causes of the Kingdom of Embrayya under the direction of the nobility.


Ayndir is the name of the world that exists on the other side of the Shimmer, the counterpart of Earth. It has had many names over the years, mostly born from ancient myth.


The Goddess of Sun and Warmth. Shares her name with the eighth month of the Embrayyan Calendar.

Dane Bishop:

The CEO of Bishop & Rook Breweries. During the initial incursion of Earth by Embrayyan forces, he is taken as a hostage.


The colloquial term for demi-human races of varying appearance. A demon is generally as intelligent as a human, and vary in size and strength. They will occasionally become a threat to human settlements when unified, but they are quick to descend into infighting. Most demons have been pushed into the Wasted Lands, where they fight each other over resources.

Dillon Cavanaugh:

A cameraman with Terra TV News.


The God of Beasts and the Hunt. Shares his name with the sixth month of the Embrayyan Calendar.


The Goddess of Snow and Ice. Shares her name with the second month of the Embrayyan Calender.

Elder Law:

A force of reality that can be negotiated with or otherwise manipulated by those who know how to commune with it. The Elder Law can be used to bend reality to the will of the user, but comes at a steep cost, often killing


A vast Kingdom seated within the majority of the continent of Nakrea.

Emma Bishop:

The teenage daughter of Dane Bishop. She is taken along with her father and several others during the initial incursion into Earth by Embrayyan forces.

Empyrean Rider:

The official name of a trained aerial cavalryman that utilizes a wyvern as his mount.

Faye Fong:

A field reporter for Terra TV News. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Faye was at the scene where the Shimmering Tree first appeared on Earth, at the Annacis Island Industrial Park.


The God of Arms and War. Shares his name with the seventh month of the Embrayyan Calendar.


A small humanoid race driven mostly by impulsive behaviors. Considered a menace by humans and an offshoot of the demon races, Goblins are normally exterminated with extreme prejudice among most civilized areas. However, there are small clans littered throughout the less populated countryside. They are violent and sadistic, but disorganized except in rare circumstances due to their impulsive nature. However, they are unexpectedly intelligent, but often lack the patience to create well-formed plans, instead relying on on-the-spot trickery. Most goblins are ignored until such time as they become a clear threat.


The God of Night and Stars. Shares his name with the third month of the Embrayyan Calendar.

Miles Brady:

A talented linguist and Naval Intelligence Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces working with the NATO Joint Task Force to decipher the language spoken by Ayndirians. He is the first to create meaningful communication between the two peoples.


The Goddess of Nature and Growth. Shares her name with the fourth month of the Embrayyan Calendar.


The easternmost continent of Ayndir upon which Embrayya, the Wasted Lands, The Turzan Trident and The Seat of Cayd reside.


The Name of the Azure Moon and Patron God of Wine and Hedonism. Shares his name with the thirteenth month of the Embrayyan Calendar.

Othniel Caradoc:

The ambitious King of Embrayya, who seeks to cement his name in history by annexing Outworld and bringing justice to the ancient evil committed against the people of Ayndir.




A person from Earth.

Owen Barnett:

A Producer for Terra TV News that works with Faye Fong and Dillon.

Promise Day:

On the fourteenth day of the month of Vandima every year, lovers, couples and those seeking suitors gather for the Promise Festival in their local communities. The tradition goes back several hundred years, in which new couples will spend the day together and make a promise at the end of the day to survive the coming winter in each other’s company. The lovers then cohabitate, and if by spring they are still committed to one another, they are married. It is also a day of renewed vows and free love.

Raptor Company:

An elite squadron of Empyrean Riders. Decorated veterans of several wars.


The Goddess of the Harvest. Shares her name with the eleventh month of the Embrayyan Calendar.

Rost Tokshi:

An Empyrean Rider in Raptor Company. Auberon’s best friend.

Seed of Vaste’lon:

An ancient seed kept by the Great Dragon Vaste’lon after he reportedly destroyed the first Shimmering Tree that connected to Outworld several thousand years prior.


The name of the Yellow Moon and its Patron Goddess of Gaiety and Celebration. Shares her name with the ninth month of the Embrayyan Calendar.


The name applied to the portal than connects Earth and Ayndir.

Sizilen Oringard:

A young spy working on behalf of the King of Embrayya during the initial invasion of Annacis Island. She is captured by the NATO Joint Task Force.


The God of Crafts and Invention. Shares his name with the tenth month of the Embrayyan Calendar.


The God of Death and Keeper of the Afterlife. Shares his name with the fourteenth month of the Embrayyan Calendar.

Terra TV News:

TTV News is a television news organization based in the Vancouver region that employs Faye Fong, Alice South, Owen & Dillon.


A Canadian city closest to the incursion point of the Embrayyan invasion.


The Goddess of Love and Fertile Union. Shares her name with the twelfth month of the Embrayyan Calendar.


The Great Dragon of Legend, creator of the Seed of Vaste’lon and ancient hero responsible for all the good in the world.


Auberon’s mount. A well-trained Wyvern and good boy.


The Goddess of Fate and Fortune. Shares her name with the first month of the Embrayyan Calendar.

Wasted Hordes:

An army of demonic beings that reside in the Wasted Lands north of Embrayya. In times past, the hordes were a continuous threat to the citizens of Embrayya, but they have not incurred Embrayyan territory since they were last defeated by Embrayyan forces fifteen years prior.

Wasted Lands:

A vast tundra in the northern reaches of the Nakrean continent. The Wasted Lands have sparse resources are are populated mainly be demon races run out of the Seat of Cayd, Embrayya and lands controlled by the Turzan Trident.


A dragon-like creature with strong, powerful forelimbs and thick, membranous wings that allow for quick aerial transportation. Wyverns have been domesticated for several hundred years and are generally only born in captivity. They are capable of carrying heavy payloads of up to three humans, depending on size. Due to their use in martial operations, they are commonly outfitted with armor and a rider.


Goddess of Arts and Music. Shares her name with the fifth month of the Embrayyan Calendar.